Fare of Private buses to be fixed – no more loot ?

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Travelling out of the city by private buses especially when during festivals and long weekends has been a rude shock for many passengers who did not book in advance. With seats filling up rapidly in the festive season, bus operators resort to charging more than the usual rates for holiday destinations and in some cases these fares are more than double or triple the normal fares.

But as per the story published in the TOI, Transport department has for the first time proposed to fix fares for contract carriage private buses.

private-busThe department’s proposal, sent to the state government, sets Rs 35 as the per-kilometre rate for non-AC buses and Rs 45 for AC buses. This means private bus operators can charge only the above mentioned rates divided by the total number of passengers. However, they will be allowed to revise the fare by 10% during festive seasons.

The department will also publicise the maximum fares that private buses can charge from Bengaluru to various cities following government approval. At present, private bus operators enjoy an unchecked run. Many private operators charge more than five times the fares proposed by the transport department, especially during weekends and festival season. The Christmas season bus fares to various cities have already gone up.

The commuters have been demanding the same from a long time that the prices of these private operators who work in contract carriage be fixed or capped as the prices hit the sky during festivals.

It is very likely that the bus operators will oppose this and put forth their problems and will try to justify the fare hike. But the Govt allows a 10% Fare hike during peak season which would be welcomed by all, but the 500 ticket been sold at 2500 is too much.

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  1. The Private bus operators do charge extremely high fares during festive season which is not good. Having said that,the bus operators should be allowed to fix their own rates and these rates cannot fluctuate beyond 10% at any time,including festive season. But asking them to operate at so less cost will not be viable for them to operate at all. Instead the government should ply more buses on popular routes so that passengers will be attracted towards govt. buses. Bringing control over price is not the way. Today it is Bus rates, tomorrow it might be Gold rates,Then Shirting rates and then many more.

  2. You are telling rs 35 / km for non ac buses
    That means Belgaum to Bangalore total distance = 507 km
    Ticket price= 507*35 =17745 rs
    If they are charging 35 rs / km.
    35rs per km is expensive which you mentioned here.

    • u r forgetting to divide it by the number of passengers. As per contract carriage they cant issue tickets. its booked in bulk this is what the law says..
      so incase of sleeper it will have 28-30 sleeprs

  3. At present during the off season too KSRTC charges are much more when compared to private travels. Govt. also needs to bring down its prices of tickets and provide good non ac rajhamsa buses as they are only maintaining Volvo n sleeper buses clean.

  4. What if govt start fixing all earnings. Weather you work hard or less, intelligent or no, have made investment or no. I think it should be fair. Because all these affect population one or other way. What do you all say?


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