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Praveen Bavdekar & Jyoti Mathad appointed as independent directors for Belagavi Smart city Ltd.

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Noted architect Praveen Bavdekar and Chartered Accountant Jyoti Mathad have been appointed as independent directors of the Special purpose vehicle (SPV) of the Belagavi smart city project.

Under Secretary to the govt. Lalitha Bai K has issued a notification to this order and they will remain as independent directors for a period of 5 years.


The government has decided to appoint two independent directors to the board of the company to ensure that there is a representation from the civil society on the board.

They have consciously taken the decision to have someone with an architecture / urban design. Background and another with a background in finance and accountancy.

These are the two main aspects of the company, decision making in matters relating to urbanism and design, and ensuring fiscal responsibility.

Speaking to AAB, Praveen Bavdekar said

As an architect/ Urbanist and as a responsible sensitive citizen of this city, I envisage my duty, among other things, to cover all aspects related to design, and to ensure integration of various disparate development initiatives within a larger urban framework.

As architects, we are uniquely equipped to holistically synthesise disparate services, utilities, existing and proposed infrastructures.

I expect that I can get this design perspective to the board, so that the board can make well informed and nuanced decisions in all aspects of urban design, from the macro scale of city planning to even the most micro scale such as urban furniture or signage etc.

5 thoughts on “Praveen Bavdekar & Jyoti Mathad appointed as independent directors for Belagavi Smart city Ltd.”

  1. Congratulation to both newly appointed Independent Directors CA Jyoti Mathad and Architect Praveen Bavadekar .Both deserve the post and all of us are sure of the great work by them . All the best and lets move further at faster phase .

  2. Before designing the city please check for the drawbacks the metro cities r facing those r must factors to be considered while developing our cities. Factors such as metro connect ing every corner of cities traveling is major problem in metro cities it sucks, water no closing of lakes or ponds in city n constructing apartment s onto it that the metro city trend for which they r paying now preserve them create parks n gardens preserve Flora n fauna, plant trees for good air health is wealth maintain quality of life n food please don’t do it as like metro cities, proper sewage n drainage system n garbage collection door to door. Now please start the plan n construction how long v gotta wait this is becoming never ending wait do something innovative n intuitive

  3. Congratulations Sir. I am very happy to hear this news. It would have been made more happy if you were appointed for our HUBBALLI city also coz there is no such Architect in our city who could transform it. Coz I have worked under you as a plumber at Smt Late Gangubai Hangal gurukul project at HUBBALLI and I know the way you work Sir. Once again congratulations Sir


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