Farmer and his family will hang themselves if their land is acquired

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Various farmers from Kanbargi area have been protesting against the BUDA for the acquisition of 160 acres of land for a housing project of Scheme no 61.

Earlier as well Farmers protested along with their cows and buffaloes demanding that the Belagavi urban development authority drop the plans of acquiring 160 acres of land in the village that borders the city to turn it into a residential layout.

The said matter is still in court.

farmer-suicide-kanbargiMaruti Sulge Patil a farmer who will be affected by the land acquisition has shared a photo of his entire family with ropes in their neck and has warned if the land is acquired all of the family will commit suicide.

Farmers said they had fertile land and their livelihoods would be affected after the land is acquired.

The process of compensation is also very less and the time taken for the same is also very long.

They demanded that the plan to acquire the 160 acres of land be scrapped.

Some farmers from Kanbargi have warned that they would hang themselves if their fertile land was acquired.
Farmers and families from Kanbargi village had given a statement that they would commit suicide if their fertile agricultural land is acquired by BUDA.

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  1. It is very sad that farming lands are being converted into urban houses. The BUDA should not do this…they must stop acquiring farmers land.

  2. If they r offered even little more than market value,they not only cancel this drama, infact they will convince whole village to sell their land without a delay of one minute,
    Ye hai India mere bhai


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