Farmer distributes Tomatoes for Free as prices fall


With the wholesale price of tomato falling to an all time low, the farmers are now forced to dump it or a few like Narayan Patil distributed the tomatoes for free at the DC compound.

As a mark of protest farmer Narayan Patil brought the tractor laden with tomatoes to the DC office and shouted that it was for FREE and in minutes the tractor was empty, but the buyers did not realize or want to realize why this farmer was doing this.

tomatoWith no support price mechanism in place and when prices fall farmers are forced to dump their produce.


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  1. Really very bad to know this.
    We the citizen should try to help farmer in such situations & make them earn some amount for their product.

  2. Nobody is bothered about support prices,all busy with elections, farmers have to fend for themselves,a nation of scoundrels, rascals , rapists , religious fanatics ,casteists,etel hence this fate

  3. Acche din aagaye kya zindagi hai logon ki lenewaale ko toh samajhna chahiye… bhai woh kisaan hai jiski jalti hai usiko maalum kya rich kya poor hai…

    • A poor farmer would have died by getting such low price. It is a way of protest. Instead of throwing the produce atleast he donated. Think before you comment and don’t comment on topics you know nothing about.


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