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Farmers against land acquisition

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Farmers of Halga, Gandhi Nagar, Ambewadi and some others areas gave a memorandum at the DC office stating that their land should not be acquired.

In the case of Halga, the land which is being acquired is earmarked as agriculture land in the CDP and no amendment to this has been done till now and hence the said land cannot be acquired for Drainage filtration plant. The memorandum says that, acquisition action is being done at the instance of MLA Abhay Patil. Already 50 acres of land in Alarward is acquired. The land acquired at Alarward by the CCB resolution passed in 1987 is barren.

The farmers of Gandhi Nagar accused that the MLA is making us of his office 13 acres of land of Sy.No:628,629 & 630.

The Govt. has no proposal for land acquisition in this area but the MLA is trying to do this through the KIADB. The matter has already been taken to court and the court in its interim order has contended that the acquisition of the property is totally impermissible in view of the CDP as the lands in question are earmarked for agricultural purpose, hence the KIADB notification is illegal.

The members of the Belgaum Shetkari Sanghatna were present in huge numbers.


4 thoughts on “Farmers against land acquisition”

  1. These people who treat our farmer as slave and take there property, sell it to builders with black money should be sent to jail for going against law and acquaring agricultural land. what will they eat if all agriculture land is used for concrete jungle.
    the court should setup investigation and find who gave the illegal notification and put them in hindalga jail.

    • Kapil, I agree. These elected reps are a big land mafia now a days. I wish the poor farmers get some support…ryat sangh etc please help!!!
      It also reminds me of the vendors who lost their shops in various parts of Belagavi, what a shame… all the big businessmen/women break all the rules but only the poor little vendors suffer. They say vendors will get the shops…but I don't know who will, where, when and how much they would need to pay in bribe.

  2. Yes this bloody politicians together with BUDA would have done big deal with builders & rich investors so that they can take another opportunity because only land left near to city is gandhi nagar area – this people are great they can manipulate any law & with ease of finger tips they should be jailed for life time for playing with peoples life and property

  3. I have myself seen 40 farmers from alarvad village transferring there properties to this MLA at Sub registrar office.They were not even having proper clothes on them.HOpe this MLA gets all that he deserves in the next elections


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