Farmers say will not give an inch of fertile land

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The DC’s office yesterday was more like a set of movie shooting with hundreds of farmers coming together and protesting against the acquisition of fertile farm land for the Halga Macche bypass.

The memorandum was given to the DC which was stuck on a bull’s mouth. The farmers under the banner of Agriculture Land Protection and Development Samiti took out a rally from Shivaji Garden in which a large number of farmers participated.

Other various organizations including Sri Ram Sena, Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti, JD(S), Anti-Corruption Committee supported the cause.

150 acres of land has been identified for acquisition for the said bypass which goes through fertile farm land and most of the farmers there rely on farming as their sole livelihood. Hence if the land is taken away how would they survive. The farmers have also suggested an alternate route for the bypass.

6 thoughts on “Farmers say will not give an inch of fertile land”

  1. Uday, can you give us the alternate route they have suggested? If alternate route is bear by to the proposed one, may be it can be accepted and it is a win-win situation for everyone?

    • Please publish the survey nos and the details of fertile and karab land portion. So we know how much fertile it is and what alternative measure can be taken.

      • Alternative measure is when rice reaches Rs100/- per kg we can sleep hungry, when almost every has ten plots in the name of every family member, i remember one little poem

        Water Water Everywhere
        But Not a Drop to Drink

        Land Land Everywhere
        But not a morsel to Eat

  2. MES at its best! :)stopping development, fooling peopling and making money (by collecting money on name of MES)!!! lets see how long it goes on…

    • Common Sense of Farmers at Best, Are you importing rice from thailand, wheat from russia or USA, canola oil from canada, sugar from brazil, crudeoil and gas from middle east, Fish from Vietnam, and every form of shit from China. Development does not give money in everyones hand it concentrates it in the hands of few, when they see problems ahead they will simply close the factory, industrial estate then we can not cultivate nor buy ? Always remember agiculture creates wealth, industry processes it and service sector circulates it.
      Dont be like amrican idiots think like pure indian. Still now astronomers have seen earth like planets but even today we do not have resources nor the time to reach them.


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