Farmers still await compensation for their land acquired for Airport expansion

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The farmers of Sambra for the past 9 years have been waiting to get their compensation from the Govt. The process of up-gradation of the Belagavi Sambra airport began in 2008.

As of now of the 190 acres land acquired the Court has given orders for 100 acres on September 26, 2016 and has ordered to pay up at 33,600 per guntha.

Flex torn put up MLA Sanjay Patil
Flex torn put up MLA Sanjay Patil,not sure who has done it 

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The compensation was decided for the 190 acres as 1 lakh per acre but the farmers went to court and court ordered to pay the farmers 33,600 per guntha (35 lakhs per acre) and the same was to be paid within one month of the order.
Now as the same has not been paid even interest has accumulated on the said amount, farmers said.

The farmers will protest today and also meet the CM today asking him to pay their due compensation.

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  1. Really pity on our Indian politics and polocies .Worst we have to beg for everything…expansion of roads and land acquisition by government must be compensated at earliest…Why is that there are no guidelines for compensation the concerned department hiding the facts to common man and farmers…Cheats everywhere…why has court set a coomon order to help all farmers…concerned departments must compensate as soon as possible…


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