Fierce opposition to Halga-Mache Bypass: Farmer attempts suicide

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The farmer’s struggle against the Halga-Mache Bypass has flared up. The incident took place on the outskirts of Mache village.
Officials of the National Highway Authority arrived at the site today, ahead of the construction of a bypass. Farmers have expressed outrage at this.

Farmer Akash Anagolkar has set himself on fire and shouted, “Leave us our land.”
Farmers were relentless in not giving up fertile land. Hundreds of policemen were put on bandobast there and under their protection, the National Highway Authority started work.

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Farmers protesting were detained.
The NHAI planned to construct the bypass road to join National Highway-4 and 4A. But thousands of farmers from Vadgaon, Angol, Shahapur, Halaga, and other villages will lose their fertile land in the process. They were not paid to justify compensations too. Some farmers have gone to court even then NHAI has begun the work.

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  1. This is bad. Minister Nitin Gadkari should look into this matter and support farmers. Give them the right compensation or fertile land close to their village. Farmers are the backbone of our country.


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