Fight against blind belief can still go on strong – Actor Prakash Raj

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Every year Satish Jarkhiholi arranges a program which is held at the Sdadshiv Nagar Graveyard “Vaikunth Dham” which is for creating awareness on blind faith.

The 24 hours event includes night stay at the graveyard and also noted people come and share their thoughts. December 6 is the chosen date for the event as it is the death anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.

Today Prakash Raj, film actor, film director, producer, television presenter who is known for his works in the South Indian film industry,and Bollywood attended the event and said Fight against blind belief can still go on strong, we all need to stand united and fight this blind beliefs.

prakash-raj-1Known to be very outspoken Prakash Raj said, To say that nationalism and Hindutva are one and the same is the new blind belief. We need to educate ourselves about the designs of such interests.

Speaking about the threats he got as he spoke against right wing forces, he said he is not afraid and does not need security. I am not a coward.

Minister Satish Jarkiholi organizes the annual Graveyard Stay Programme to create awareness against superstitions under the aegis of Manav Bandhutva Vedike since last year on the eve of the death anniversary of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar. The objective of the programme is to spread aimed messages at people who believe that graveyards are dwelling places of ghosts. By organising such events, Jarkiholi aims at spreading the healthy message to society that graveyards are holy places and not inauspicious.

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  1. Could have been done in Kabristan this year, next year in Christian Grave Yard ..

    Experiment it with all communities would eradicate all blind beliefs

    • well said. This is how the actual aim of fighting the issue and getting the mankind can be done. it is just not restricted to one religion or faith.


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