Mother stuck in Dubai, woman files complaint against agents

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The New Indian Express reports, that Shainaz Sangolli from Angol has filed a cheating case against Shamshuddin Makandar and his wife Wahida at Camp area for not bringing back her mother from Dubai. She has also appealed to the district administration to pressurise the Union government to get her mother back to the nation.

In her complaints to the Deputy Commissioner and the Police Commissioner, Shainaz said her mother Zarina Sangolli, a widow, through Makandar had gone to Dubai as a house maid ten months ago. The couple had told Zarina that she would get salary of `20,000 per month and would be provided free food and accommodation by the family where she works.

A few days after reaching Dubai, Shainaz said her mother called her and told she was being harassed by the family where she was working and she wanted to come back. She also said that she was not in a position to do the work being given.Shainaz told the same to Makandar couple who had told her to give them `70,000 to bring her mother back. The girl said she had arranged the money by borrowing from people and gave it to Makandar couple a month ago.

However, the couple are now out of reach, she said and urged the administration to bring her mother back to India. Shainaz submitted her complaint to DC Ziyaullah and incharge police commissioner and DGP Northern Range K Ramchandra Rao.Shainaz told the reporters that her mother who is a 40-year-old widow might have been sold to the family where she is working in Dubai through agents and suspects that Makandar couple is behind the act.

8 thoughts on “Mother stuck in Dubai, woman files complaint against agents”

  1. Ya its Not Good,
    But i urge all the People, Please Please Verify the credentials before going abroad.
    There are some LEGAL formalities especially for ECR Category, People have to go through Legal process.
    If they just Pay Lumpsum amount for the Agent & clear all these formalities then its really not good.
    The Agents take this money & Bribe the Authorities.
    If People blindly believe the Agent and just proceed then their Fate is this.
    Anyhow once again a sincere request for all to be sure you are proceeding to the right place abroad.
    I Pray Allah to help out sister Shainaz and all similar victims to get back their relatives safely @ Home

  2. Very Sad And Bad News. While the concerned authorities should take immediate action to apprehend the agents in question, the victims should also immediately move the bureaucratic channels of our Govt.foreign affairs ministry to redress their grievances. In the meantime,only ALLAH Help the victim Zarina Sangolli.

  3. Asalamualaikum, plz contact me immediately on 9113060338 , inshaAllah I will make sure that the woman reached safely from dubai to india and no need of single dihram to pay anybody, I know the procedures of UAE,

    Mohammed Mudassar

  4. Such agents should get arrested because nowadays there are many agents in our belgaum city who is simply pretend to be good but in actually they are frauds and I know fews of them and the biggest one is the agent of fort road name as muneer in shahzad complex fort road


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