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FikrFREE – a mobile App to Safeguard Women

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fikrfreeBELGAUM: 16th December 2012 marks the beginning of a series shocking revelations of crimes against women in India. The brutal gang rape in New Delhi, gang rape of a medical student in Manipal, Karnataka and until recently, another gang rape of a photojournalist in Mumbai, are shocking incidents very hard to digest. So much so that India is now the 4th worst countries in the world for a woman.

 With the Government having done nothing so far, citizens across the country are waking up to this menace. At Spundhan, a team of engineers seriously thought on how technology can be put to use in order to help safeguard women?

 FikrFREE is a result of massive research into information on such crimes and meticulous experimentation. FikrFREE is a mobile App developed to run on a smart phones that brings-in some unique features to help safeguard women. 

FikrFREE App can be downloaded from Google Play store or from

Globalisation has made this world very flat today. Where one works hardly matters compared to the quality of work. No wonder FikrFREE – an innovative App was completely ideated and development in our own city – Belgaum by Spundhan a company known for its high quality services in Embedded industry. Spundhan Softwares Private Limited, started in 2009 has since developed several mind blowing indigenous systems for the Automotive, Defence and Aerospace domain. When asked, “Nobody is smart just because he/she is in a bigger city. Belgaum and its high quality of Life creates a great environment for creativity. In the coming days, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more and more such things coming from the booming tier II cities.” – Dr. Ameet Patil, Founder and CEO, Spundhan.

It is said, “better be safe than sorry”, FikrFREE helps a woman automatically sync her location to a cloud server on a daily basis. This data is stored securely and not accessible to anyone other than the user.

The App asks you to select from your phone’s contacts a few close friends or relatives as your guards. These guards will be intimated about your whereabouts when you trigger a panic situation.

Triggering a Panic situation is simple in FikrFREE. When in danger simply shake your phone or press the phone’s power ON button continuously. The App detects this motion or button presses and enters into panic mode. In this mode, it will send SMS containing your location details to all your guards. Your guards can easily locate you and come for your help.

 Many ask , “Do you think FikrFREE will solve the problem?” This can be only solved by:

  1. Teaching our youth to respect women,

  2. Enacting strict laws governing crime against women

  3. Speeding the judgement of such cases.

 FikrFREE is only a weapon like any other weapon. It will help you only if you use it. It cannot solve the problem at large, but it definitely can prevent it and protect you. Thinking that it will not happen to you is plain foolish. If it happens to others, it can happen to you. We better be safe than sorry.

The FikrFREE team is on a serious mission to safeguard women. The team is working hard to provide additional innovative features for app that will make it easier to manage distress scenarios. The concept of FikrFREE has been applied for a patent in India and 140 different countries worldwide.

 The App is absolutely FREE to use. To get FikrFREE it needs to be installed from Google Play store and run once on your phone. There are various means of customization that can be done in the App to suite your needs.

 One thing is for sure; many Indians today are forth coming and joining hands against wrongdoing. We should all welcome it and join hands for a better and safer India.

The following video might help understand FikrFREE better:
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  1. Congratulations to Dr. Ameet. Very thoughtful of Spundan team to have thought of this app. Apps like this make a difference to people’s lives.


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