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Filmi Style action in Auto Nagar – Police shoot at Chain snatcher

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In a filmi style action in Auto Nagar the police were ale to nab one Chain snatcher after he was shot at by the Police after he tried to flee.

The nabbed chain snatcher has been identified as

Arrested culprit Salim Sher Ali Sheikh
Arrested culprit Salim Sher Ali Sheikh

 (30) of Ahemdnagar. In the pursuit of nabbing the culprit a police officer Gaddekar has also been injured.

Sheikh has been shot on the leg and is currently in civil hospital. Another member of the gang has escaped and the police are now on the look out to trace him.

Injured police Officer
Injured police Officer

In the past couple of months instances of Chain snatching and robbery had increased and this act of the police will somewhat bring back the confidence of the citizens in the police.

Sheikh was using a car on which PRESS was written to change his dress and then flee away. The car which has been seized bears number MH43 V7673, Police are now verifying the same.


9 thoughts on “Filmi Style action in Auto Nagar – Police shoot at Chain snatcher”

  1. Keep it up cops.There need a strict steps towards the culprits who have created havoc in the city. Well done officer’s.

    • I am proud of u Belagavi police, I thaQ myself & on behalf of Belagavians.Many kinds of heinous facts r taking place day to day.
      But I am sorry to bring to the notice of Belagavi SP saheb that my cellphone costing Rs14000/- was grabbed by a tendercoconut seller which was kept on table, about three years back.Going to the Malmaruti police station along with sri N B Mathapati CPI now working in Bidar Dist, lodged complaint. Many a times I contacted the police station,SP Office even the computer working officials.If SPSaheb Bgm calls me in this regardIWould b most greatful. Pl call 08312472966. May I hope for action in this reagard? Thanking u in anticipation SP sir.

  2. See the culprit, how proudly he is facing the camera, he knows it is temporary and soon he will be once again on the job.

    See the cop in pain, he knows he will not be rewarded for his great job

  3. Seeing the image of the culprit seems he is very confidence of comming out soon and Police seems to be seen weak.
    Police only needs orders they can pull the culprit from their house and punish them. Please reward the police……


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