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First case of omicron in Belagavi

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The first case of Omicron has been reported in Belagavi.

52 year old who returned to Azam nagar Belagavi from Nigeria has been detected to be Omicron positive.
He has been admitted to Civil hospital for treatment.

Age: 52 Years / Male Date of Sample Collection: 13/12/2021

Place of Sample Collection: Airport Bengaluru

Report: Positive (13/12/21) Date of Travel: 13/12/2021

From: Nigeria

Vaccination status: Vaccinated with 2 doses – Covishield (in Nigeria)

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  1. Travelled from Nigeria on 13/12/ 2021 with a Negative report
  2. He was screened & tested at KIA Bangalore – tested Positive at Airport.
  3. However, since he had a connecting flight to Belagavi in the next two hours he was supposedly given permission.
  4. Took a flight to Belagavi on 14/12/2021 – received positive report
  5. He immediately shifted himself to separate home for isolation in Belagavi.
  6. Isolated at District Hospital Belgavi now stable.
  7. Two primary contacts quarantined and tested for RT-PCR.

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  1. Nonsense. Just because he had connecting he was allowed to travel? RIDICULOUS.
    Why test anyone at airports and at borders then? So that if they have valid reason and corona then just let them go?

  2. Really shameful.. Why Airports authority let him walk free like unexploded bomb..? Why authority is playing with lives of innocents..? Don’t know with how many he had shared public places..? Enquiry should be made in this case, how he escaped/managed to travel freely.

  3. Unless his test reports are found to be negative he shouldn’t have left the airport. This is foolishness of the highest level. The authorities should be punished for this. Shame on the concerned at Airport , officials of health dept and in total govt..


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