First gate bedlam over barricades now


The scene at the First railway gate in Tilakwadi was a scene of utter chaos each day and especially when the gates were closed for the train to pass.

Commuters would block the entire stretch of the gate both sides as is it was a start point of a race and then would dash into each other at the center of the rails once the gates opened.1stgate-barricade

With no Godfather looking into the actual problems, one fine day it was decided to barricade the exit at first gate on Congress road and block all vehicular traffic from First gate to Congress road towards Arun theater and Mandoli road. The great brains behind this idea forgot that there are hundreds of citizens who walk to the other side each to buy vegetables and other work. But our learned officers never thought of the pedestrians. They were halcyon with the smooth flow of traffic at the junction after the blockade and were busy in telling all how smooth the traffic is now flowing.
But these learned gentlemen forgot that this put extra pressure on the Second railway gate which is comparatively smaller to the First gate (it looks atleast in actual it could be the same) and this gate which has 5 schools nearby is a scene of chaos during school hours.

MLA Sambhaji Patil, Executive Engineer Laxmi Nippanikar, Traffic CPI Mushapuri today in the afternoon along with corporators discussed on the same issue but could not come on a resolution. It was then decided that all would meet tomorrow again to discuss on the matter. Locals however are opposing the installation of the barricades and as the dividers are of the same height as the road everyone is trying to cross over the divider to save the 250 mtrs turn around.

Corporator Pandhari Parab said that signals should be activated there but the traffic CPI said it is not correct and feasible for operation of Traffic signals there. (then whose super brainy idea was it to install one there)
MLA Patil asked the executive engineer to raise the height of the dividers immediately without any delay.
May the good sense prevail with the decision makers and as responsible citizens we must adhere to the rules and make Belgaum a better place. 


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  1. Yes with the barricades at the 1st gate it has over burdened the 2nd gate and the 3rd gate as usual. The best possible permanent solution to this is a simple fly overs at all the three gates and easy flow of traffic and public. Why don’t they think and implement.

  2. One solution to the problems being faced at First and Second Railway Gate could be to allow only one way traffic on each Gate, ie, First Gate to allow traffic from Congress Road towards Deshmukh Road and Second Gate for traffic to move from Herwadkar School towards Congress Road.


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