Over 14 crores spent on session in Belgaum


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RTI activist Bhimmapa Gadad disclosed the information of the expenses incurred for the assembly session held at Suvarna Soudha during December 2013. He sough this info under the RTI act.session

In the 10 day session 52 hours of work was done in Vidhan sabha and 41 hours in Vidhan Parishat. On 1 December 141 elected members participated while on December 4, 176 MLA/MLCs participated.

Expense Head Rs.
Ministers/officers/ Lunch 2.09 Crores
Police – Food 1.08 Crores
Police – Bedsheet 5.12 Lakhs
Vehicle Fuel 97.41 Lakhs
Ministers/officers/guests Stay and Dinner 3.3 Crores
Media/Police Accommodation 43.79 Lakhs
MLA Allowances 85.93 Lakhs
MLC Allowances 17.20 Lakhs
Vidhan Sabha Officers Allowance 32.69 Lakhs
Vidhan Parishat officers Allowance 96000
MLA/MLC officers allowance 13.93 Lakhs
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