Five-day Basava Jayanti celebrations kicked off in Belgaum


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basavjayantiThe Five-day Basava Jayanti celebrations have been organised by the district unit of Akhil Bharat Veerashiava Mahasabha and Shri Jagjyoti Basaveshwar Jayanti Utsav Samithi with the cooperation of district administration and the Department of Kannada and Culture. The celebrations began at Basveshwar circle.

Basaveshwara was the first ever Indian philosopher and social reformer who fought against the exploitative practice of caste system and emphasised on education of women said Shri Siddarama Swami of Naganur Rudrakshi Math. He also called upon the people take a closer look at the thoughts and preachings of the 12th century social reformer Basaveshwara which continue to be highly relevant to the society.

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