Five member gang arrested in connection with late night robbery

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The Belagavi city police have been able to nab 5 persons of a gang who were involved in various robberies in the city in connection with as many 7 cases. The Camp police have registered the case.

The accused have been identified as Mohammad Rihan Adil Bombaywale (22), resident of Kali Ambrai, Belagavi, Javed Ibrahim Attar (23), resident of Azad Nagar 2nd cross, Belagavi, Mohammad Ahad Mohammadgous Bepari (26), resident of Camp, Belagavi, Shorabh Aziz Ahmed Killedar (21), resident of Kali Ambrai, Rahim Saleem Sayyad (19), resident of Nehru Nagar.

robberyIn the recent past many mid night robberies were reported in the city and after this the Inspector General of Police (Northern Range) Dr K Ramchandra Rao, who is also in-charge of Commissionerate, had instructed concerned police officials to accelerate the speed of their investigations in connection to the same.

According to sources the 5 member gang split itself in two groups and went to two different locations of the city and then looked out of persons returning late and followed them on bikes. They used to stop the person mostly where there was no one around and later would threaten at knife point and loot all the valuables.

Police are investigation in whether the arrested gang in connected to all those cases.

IGP Rao has has announced cash award of Rs 50,000 to Camp police which have nabbed the gang.

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  1. Well done
    But why their faces are covered
    all the general public most know them to be cautious
    Please put there postures in papers and blogs as well

  2. They might have paid to keep their identity closed,, so they can continue their acts in. Future. Else why were their face.Camp police is always criminal friendly, just pass by camp police station area at or after 12 at nite, you will find member of such gangs in group making plans to loot people, Police won’t patrol near their area leave aside other areas,,


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