Floral decoration at SVS by Asha Naik

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Carnations, Heliconia’s, Lilly’s from Ooty, Anthurium have decorated the Winter session being held at Suvarna Soudha at Belgaum. Flowers bring freshness in the air and these flowers which are decorated in a beautiful style which pleases anyone.

Asha Tejasvi Naik is taking care of the floral decoration at the winter session and she only had done it for the inauguration of the SVS earlier this year.

An award winner of the ASPEE L.M. Patel Farmer of the Year Award for 2010, Asha Naik grows flowers at her farm and then uses the same for decoration. As all flowers cant be grown she gets the best from other places like Ooty, Bangalore etc.

ashasha2asha6Mrs. Asha Naik hails from village Modaga Taluka Belgaum and is a Homa Organic Farmer practicing seri-culture for the past 15 years. She has 3 hectares of land under V1 mulberry cultivation. She has two rearing houses and has used ingenious idea of ventilating by using simple technologies to maintain temperature, humidity and proper lighting.

Speaking to AAB she said, “it was an honor for me to do the floral decoration at the Suvarna Soudha.”

Flowers are placed within the assembly section in the main halls and also on the Banquet tables and office tables. 

3 thoughts on “Floral decoration at SVS by Asha Naik”

  1. Very nice to see the decorated flowers…….

    All the time warm welcome these politicians and govt. We thought that when SVS hosts assembly
    session in Belgaum, they will raise concerns for the burning issues of the North Karnataka but
    it looks like not happening that way. If they not doing then what is use of constructing this SVS here.
    Most of the time politicians and govt come to Belgaum, to enjoy Karnataka food,sweets like “Kunda” ” Kardant”, visiting near by Goa beaches, spending valuable tax paid normal people’s money and doing nothing to Belgaum.Am worried that this time also assembly discuss non-North Karnataka issues and waste the session time.
    Followings are the some of the most needed things which all people needed and benefited.

    1. Direct Darward to Belgaum rail connection.
    2. Up gradation of the Belgaum district ST Bus stand.
    3. Setting up of the small/medium scale industries which will provide the local employments.
    4. Setting up and maintaining of Cold storage which will help farmers to store their crops.
    5. Drinking Water/Irrigation projects in and around Belgaum/North Karnataka.
    6. Setting up of International stadium to encourage spots activities.
    7. Rings roads which will ease the daily traffic problems.
    8. Converting Tar road infrastructure into concrete roads which will with stand in Belgaum rainy seasons.
    9. Official declaration of Belgaum as second capital of Karnataka.

    Let us see who will work for the aam adami and local issues

    • The main issue is kept aside, As u said, its winter holiday session in an out Belgaum. About development of North karnataka?? we should not suck our own blood by dreaming n thinking unless we stand together in front of our political leader else let dem to eat our money n enjoy with der grand children.


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