Maha melava held

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Marathi people can hope for justice to be done said Leader N D Patil, he was speaking at the Maha Melava organised by the Marathi groups at Subhash Chandra Bose Ground.

Large number of people especially women had gathered at the grounds for their support of the cause of Marathi.

Various leaders from Marathi groups addressed the gathering. There was heavy police deployment near the ground and vehicles were being checked and numbers noted down by the police.

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On Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti holding “Maha Melava” in protest against the winter session being held in Belgaum, Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister R Ashok said the pro-Maharashtra outfit had all the right to protest,but police are geared up to maintain law and order.

5 thoughts on “Maha melava held”

  1. Good to see the Unity. I am proud of it, But dont you think because of few MES and unemployed/uneducated ppl, Belgaum is Backward???
    If you want to get solve yo problems den come out from these ppl.

  2. I have observed that you write half the news and is generally pro MES . This kind of melava only cretaes tension for parents since nobody knew whether the automan will get my children back. I think they should stop this drama since the issue is of no importance, People want development and which is seen in Belgaum last few years.

    Nobody from Maharashtra government came, it was a damp squib , please write thr truth

  3. They can arrange maha melava every month. No problem. But outcome is absolutely zero, with precious waste of time. Belagavi always belagavi.

  4. Completely agree with rnag. You are giving too much of importance for these kind of things and trying to project them through your blog…You defintely have the right to write what you want but please understand and be judicious in what kind of impact/impresion you are bringing in the city.


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