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Fly bus to Belgaum airport inagurated

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by Biswajith Baruah (Blog-

NWKRTC (North West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation) today launched its Flybus Shuttle services from Belgaum City to Belgaum Airport (Sambra) and also from Belgaum Airport (Sambra) to Hubli.
People who landed demanded a Volvo bus service to be started instaed of the Rajhamsa to Hubli, to which the officials of the NWKRTC said that they would work out the logistics in a day.

Fly bus to Belgaum and Hubli from Belgaum Sambra Airport

The approx fare for Belgaum to Hubli by Rajhmasa bus is Rs.135

City bus schedule from Belgaum city to Sambra airport:

Udyambag Departure at 7.45 AM to Sambra arrival 8.30 AM

Sambra Departure: 9.30 AM Udaymbag Arrival 10.15 AM

Udyambag Departure at 1245 to Sambra arrival 1330

Sambra Departure: 1335 Udaymbag Arrival 1435

CBT Departure at 1405 Sambra Arrival 1425
Sambra Departure at 1430 Udyambag Arrival 1515
Udaymbag Departure at 1755 Sambra Arrival 1840

Sambra Departure at 1910 Udayambag Arrival 2015

All buses will go via via RPD/Gogte Circle/Camp/Club Road/Eefa Hotel/Chennamma Circle/KLE/SP office/Fort/Hotel Shankam

9 thoughts on “Fly bus to Belgaum airport inagurated”

  1. Good news! At last some good sense has prevailed. Such facilities will surely break the back of Auto and Taxi operators of Belgaum, who have been looting the public.

  2. Are these buses aligned with the flight schedules. Is there any stop near Belgaum railway station for this bus?
    Are there any contact number of the staff to contact to find out the status of the bus…

  3. I have a flight at 4pm tomorrow from Hubli. Are there buses from Belgaum city to Hubli airport ? What is the schedule ?

    I see only Sambra and udyambagh in the schedule above

    • there is no fly bus now. u can take a direct bus from Bgm to Hubli which will drop at the airport Hubli on its way to its stand


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