Food delivery start-up Swiggy enters Belagavi

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Food ordering and delivery platform Swiggy commenced its operations in Belagavi from February 5. Swiggy, a Bangalore-based food ordering, and delivery start-up commenced its operations after Zomato which launched it in December 2018.

After making inroads in the country, Swiggy promises to provide a hassle-free food delivery experience in Belagavi too.

The Food delivery business is on the outgrowth and the first one to start could have been Niyaz’s Meals on Wheels. Then later a couple of local food delivery sites and apps also came up like Foodbuddy and Hangryoye.

Now with the entry of Swiggy the food delivery battle has just commended in Belagavi as well. Despite an aggressive campaign by food delivery companies to sign-up restaurant partners and push consumers to order online by offering discounts and cash back many small-scale restaurants tap orders via phone and consumers place them through this channel. Bringing such partners and consumers online can offer momentum to Zomato and Swiggy.

swiggy-belagaviAlso, this has opened new jobs for the youth. Zomato started with around 50+ delivery agents and Swiggy has about 300+ sources said.

Members of the Kerala Hotel and Restaurant Association (KHRA), which has decided to boycott the aggregators, are worried that food delivery will do to them what Ola and Uber did to drivers. Aggressive discounting will only hurt restaurants if they do not make up on volumes and if they are not able to ensure stickiness for their loyal customers. Most delivery apps anyway pay for discounting out of their own pockets.

The cloud kitchen wave, wherein a company prepares, packages, and delivers food based on online or mobile orders without operating a whole outlet, is already creating direct competition for restaurants. 

But for the consumer, it is time to give those taste buds some more tingling by ordering from any restaurant they wish. So even if you are staying in Vadagon you can order food from your favorite restaurant from Nehru Nagar or Camp and get it at your door step.

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