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Suresh Angadi invites citizens to come up demands relating to Railways

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Twitter has been abuzz lately with the concern of step motherly treatment towards Belagavi on all fronts.

Like minded Twitteraties have together and made a new hash tag #SaveBgm, Save Belagavi.

KARailway had tweeted

Sir this is everyday rush in Ranichennamma exp between Belagavi & Bengaluru. Please provide additional overnight train to decongest this train.

Demand for one more train to Bengaluru has been for years but no one is heading to the requests.

In reply to the tweet of Karnataka Rail Users @KARailway, Member of Parliament Mysusru, Pratap Simha commented Draft the letter of request and mail me to [email protected] Will try to put more coaches

Pratap Simha also got a train extended to Mysuru, but for Belagavi it seems no new trains nor extensions.

Following the discussion and Suresh Angadi also tweeted

I invite all citizens to come up with your demands with regards to Railways connectivity & its development in our region. I appreciate if any forum can take initiative by collecting demands & come up with your ideas of making it better.

#SaveBgm – use this hash tag to raise issues about Belagavi and the step motherly treatment it is getting on all the fronts. It is our right to get better infrastructure.

9 thoughts on “Suresh Angadi invites citizens to come up demands relating to Railways”

  1. We should list down demands which can be implemented with least capital investment. Additional Coaches to existing trains, Additional Trains to Pune and Bangalore and Hyderabad will drive business and local economy

  2. Belagavi – pandarpur panduranga express , Belagavi – pune intercity exp , Belagavi – mangalore via madgaon, udupi daily, Belagavi – Mysore via bengaluru uttara karnataka second capital exp , Belagavi – Hubli – bagalkote – Bijapur – solapur- miraj – Belagavi circular express which boost tourism, travelling to holy places, and connectivity of this destination will create local jobs to all the destiny

  3. Will AAB collect the feedback from comments listed here & present it to Suresh Angadi ?
    If yes, here is the list:

    1. Establish pit lines at Sambra immediately so that trains can be parked & cleaned as SWR will give this as a primary reason to NOT extend trains to BGM. This should be given the top priority.

    2. Start Daily Superfast TRains from Yeshwantpur to Belgavi with these timings:
    YPR – 20:45 ~ BGM – 6:30
    BGM – 20:00 ~ YPR – 6:30
    There was a YPR-Miraj Superfast which was operational for sometime with excellent timings to BGM, but was withdrawn as it caused inconvenience to Hubli people.

    3. Start Miraj~Vasco Exp daily as was in metre gauge days [Mandovi & Gomantak Exp].
    MRJ- 5:00 ~ VSG – 14:00
    VSG – 14:30 ~ MRJ – 23:00

    4. BGM-Mangaluru Daily Overnight/Daily Express trains.

    5. Extend MYS~DWR Express Daily train to BGM.

    6. Make Rani Chennama Exp a Superfast 24 coach train & remove the slip coach servcie to Vasco. Speed up the train to reach BGM at 7:00 & shoud also depart BGM around 19:30 daily

    Kunal S Doddanavar

      • Appreciate your efforts. Do send in all the feedback to SureshAngadi & it should be regularly followed upto.
        Let me know if you need any more technical details / info on this topic & I will surely help you.

  4. Belagavi has a huge number of people who come from West Bengal & Odisha & contribute in great numbers in building the infrastructure of this city. There is no direct train from Belagavi to these regions. A weekly train may help or make Vasco-Howrah 18047/18048 daily (which currently runs 4 days a week via Hubballi). People can still go from Belagavi to Hubballi to catch this train but should be made a daily service if direct train from Belagavi can’t be run.


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