Foot Patrolling JanaSnehi approach by the Cops

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From the flashy Siren Lights/sounds of the Police patrolling vehicles in the City to now on Foot Patrolling

What could be this new initiative of DCP Dr. Vikram Amathe & his Police Department team all about?

Speaking to Kiran Nippanikar about his initiative DCP Dr. Vikram Amathe said “Yes Citizens of Belagavi, Foot patrol facilitates relationship-building between officers and the community. Foot patrol enhances the enforcement and problem-solving capability of law enforcement. Relationships built through foot patrol can change how the community views police officers”

Benefits of Foot Patrolling

1. Helps Increase the visibility of officers

2. Helps make greater contact with the community

3. Helps increase rapport with community members

4. Helps increase community policing

5. Helps Gather information about illegal activities (drugs/gambling/etc)

6. Helps To publicize new programs or initiatives of the Police department

7. Helps To hear grievances & suggestions of public on-field For people’s friendly policing

8. It also helps improve police officers job attachment and satisfaction

9. Helps to activate a better Beat system especially at night

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Foot Patrolling will be conducted daily from 7 PM to 9 PM by all Officers in all Police Stations limits ( Beat wise) along with Beat staff & in-charge officers.

Requesting all Belagavi citizens to give their suggestions and grievances during Foot Patrolling in their respective Beat areas.

This operation will be conducted daily from September 29, 2021

The Citizens of Belagavi to put forth their grievances & make this initiative a success.

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