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Forest Recreation Turns Controversial: Complaint Registred Against Four Staff Members

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By uday

In light of a recent incident involving recreational activities in the forest area near Batawade Falls, a complaint has been lodged against four individuals for violating the imposed ban of entry into reserved forest without permission.

DC Belagavi Nitesh Patil has instructed the Deputy Conservator of Forests to initiate a complaint against the remaining four Hescom personnel who were reportedly present during the incident.

The serene forest area surrounding Batawade Falls, known for its natural beauty and tranquility, has unfortunately become the center of controversy. Recent reports have revealed that a group of individuals engaged in recreational activities within the forest, in direct violation of the imposed ban and they had used a Govt of Karnataka vehicle for the same.

Taking swift action, DC Nitesh Patil has directed the Deputy Conservator of Forests to ensure that a complaint is filed against the four individuals already identified and FIR has been lodged. Additionally, Patil has emphasized the importance of extending the complaint to include the remaining four Hescom personnel who were allegedly present during the incident.

The incident has raised concerns among local authorities, as it not only disregards the ban but also poses a threat to the delicate ecosystem of the forest. By registering a complaint against all individuals involved, the authorities aim to send a strong message that such actions will not be tolerated.

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