Nandini milk to be costlier by Rs. 3 from Tomorrow

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Nandini milk prices will increase by Rs 3 starting from August 1, as decided by the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF). This decision was made during a meeting between Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and KMF representatives. By approving this price hike, Siddaramaiah has addressed a long-standing demand from the federation.

An official from the department explained that the increase was necessary due to a decrease in the quantity of milk procured by the KMF.

The additional Rs 3 paid by consumers will be passed on to the farmers.

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Therefore, starting from August 1, 2023, the selling price of all varieties of Nandini milk and yogurt per litre/kg will be revised to Rs. 3. The revised selling prices for major milk models and yogurt are as follows:

Current RatesRevised Rates
Toned Milk (Blue Packet) Ltr3942
Homogenize toned milk Ltr4043
Cow’s milk (green pack) LTR4346
Shubham (saffron packet) /special milk LTR4548
Curd, per kg4750
Buttermilk, per 200 ml packet89

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