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Transfer of Works from Smart City to CCB after Quality Inspection

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By uday

The Municipal Corporation has made a decision regarding the transfer of various works under the Smart City Scheme. A comprehensive list of completed works has been prepared and handed to the Belagavi City Corporation.

To ensure a smooth transfer process within the Smart City scheme, engineers from both the municipality and the Smart City scheme will be involved. During a general meeting, corporators expressed their concerns and complaints about the works carried out under the Smart City scheme.

Specifically, members of the BJP raised issues regarding the quality of work provided. In the first phase, road and parks transfer will occur. This process will be a collaborative effort between the engineers from the municipality and the Smart City scheme.


During the inspection, if the development works meet the required criteria, the responsibility for the quality of work will be transferred to the Corporation. Once the works are completed, the contractor will be responsible for maintenance and repairs during that period. This process will be diligently carried out.

The Smart City Municipal Corporation has provided information stating that a list of 22 works related to the construction department will be transferred to the City Corporation in the first phase.

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