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Forgotten Traditional recipes recreated at Ganesh Festival

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Food is always given utmost importance in any culture and every community has its unique cuisine. Unknown or forgotten, the diversity of local preparations has been ignored in the rush to modernization and western way of eating practices. Many a age old recipes, the tools and the techniques buried in ancient kitchens,. The skilled mothers lost their recipes and skill in the name of modernity.

Over the last few years there has been a revival of interest in traditional Indian food.

ukide-modakAt the yearly Ganesh Festival organized in the city impetus was given on the revival and recreating those forgotten recipes especially made during the Ganesh Festival along with some others.

The main aim of this exercise was to acquaint the young generation with its glorious past.

Ukideche Modak, Divshi, Ghavan, Ukdya Nivarya etc were made.

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