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Formation of Gokak and Chikkodi Districts Through Division of Belagavi Dist-Satish Jarkiholi

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The Karnataka government is currently considering a proposal to create Gokak and Chikkodi districts by dividing the existing Belagavi district, according to Satish Jarkiholi, the PWD Minister in charge of the district. This announcement was made on August 15 in Belagavi. The issue was brought up during a recent meeting between Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and MLAs from northern Karnataka.

The government is fully committed to the comprehensive development of the district, including Belagavi City. In line with this commitment, numerous new projects will be formulated and implemented within the specified time frame.

A new project has been initiated to address the issue of traffic congestion in Belagavi City. A flyover has been planned from National Highway-48 (Gandhi Nagar) upto RLS college and would be constructed at an estimated cost of 350 crore rupees. The flyover will provide a convenient connection to the central bus stand of Belagavi city.

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Additionally, a new district office complex will be built, covering a total area of 52,800 square meters (5,68,334 square feet). The complex will consist of 6 floors. The estimated cost for this project is Rs. In this new building complex, 31 offices, including the Deputy Commissioner’s office, will be accommodated.

The construction of the new building complex will not only benefit the public but also address the parking problem. Adjacent land to the new ring road, near the city, will be allocated for industrial establishments.

Furthermore, the government has made the decision to divide the existing Belagavi taluk and establish a new taluk. The official announcement for this new taluk will be made by the government in the near future.

Several legislators have expressed their desire to divide the Belagavi district, and the government is seriously considering this suggestion.

The demand for the division was initially raised in 1997 when new districts were being created. However, the division was not implemented at that time due to opposition from local Kannada groups. Satish Jarkiholi assured journalists that this time, all concerns have been addressed and the government is likely to move forward with the division.

However, Satish Jarkiholi clarified that no decision has been made regarding the timing or the exact process of division.

Overall, the government is actively considering the proposal to create Gokak and Chikkodi districts by dividing Belagavi district. This issue has gained momentum after being raised by several legislators during a recent meeting with Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. Although the demand for the division was previously raised in 1997, it was not implemented due to opposition from local Kannada groups. However, this time, the government has addressed all concerns and is likely to proceed with the division. The possibility of dividing Belagavi taluk is also being considered, but no specific decisions have been made yet.

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