Dual Tragedies at Kapileshwar Pond: Mystery of Two Separate Suicides

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This morning, two lifeless bodies were discovered in the Kapileshwar pond in Belagavi, and their identities have been confirmed. Despite the distinct circumstances surrounding their deaths, a surprising revelation has emerged – both individuals separately jumped into the same pond and tragically lost their lives.

The husband, overwhelmed by the grief of losing his wife, chose to plunge into the pond, ultimately meeting his demise. In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the daughter, burdened by the sorrow of her mother’s departure, followed suit and met a similar fate by leaping into the very same pond.

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Both bodies were discovered this morning, a coincidence that adds an eerie layer to this already distressing incident. As devotees typically visit the Kapileshwar temple in Belagavi to partake in their daily rituals, they were met with an unexpected shock today.
Two lifeless bodies were found floating in a pond adjacent to the temple.
Initially, it appeared as though both individuals had taken their lives in a joint act of suicide. However, a preliminary investigation conducted by the police has revealed that their deaths were caused by different factors.
It has come to light that Chitralekha Sapar, a resident of Dane Galli Shahpur, was battling depression and mental illness, which stemmed from the loss of her mother. Overwhelmed by her emotions, she succumbed to the depths of despair and tragically ended her own life as a tribute to her late mother. The family members have also shared this heartbreaking information with the media.
Vijay Pawar, a resident of Kangale Galli, Belagavi, was also grappling with mental instability following the passing of his wife two years ago due to a heart-related ailment. Leaving his home last night, Vijay’s lifeless body was discovered in the Kapileshwar pond this morning. The deceased, Vijay Pawar, leaves behind a son and a daughter.

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