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Briefs from the General body meeting of Belagavi City corporation

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Omkar Nagar and Vantamuri Ashraya colonies will be granted slum status

Muzzamil Doni elected as leader of Oppossition

Jinabkul Circle will be renamed Maharshi Valmiki Circle, honoring the great sage.

The garden located in Shivaji Nagar will be named after Rajmata Jijau, paying tribute to her legacy.

The proposal to decentralize birth and registration processes will be submitted to the government.

An immersion tank will be constructed in Majgaon Lake to enhance the grandeur of the Ganesh Festivities.

Charges for programs held at the Glass House will be abolished, making them more accessible to the public.

Ramtirth Nagar will be transferred to the Municipal Corporation, ensuring better management and development.

The contract with the manpower supplier for Kionix Company will be extended, ensuring a reliable workforce.

The implementation of the Smart City works in front of Anubhav Mantap has been canceled.

Hanmant Kongali has been elected as a member of BUDA


The officials who have been serving in the Belagavi City Corporation for many years are now in for a surprise. The transfer of officers who have been stationed in the same place for more than three years has been approved. Since 1991, there have been many officers in the Belagavi Corporation. According to the rules, grade A and B officers should remain in one post for three years, C grade officers for four years, and D grade employees for seven years.

The transfer of officers who have been stuck in their positions for many years has been approved. This demand was made yesterday during the general body meeting of the corporation and the transfer proposal was approved.

A decision has been made to submit a proposal for the transfer of officers to the government. There was a disagreement between the Congress and the ruling BJP regarding the transfer of officials in the general meeting. MLA Raju Sait expressed his opposition to the transfer proposal, stating that it would lower the morale of honest officers. Meanwhile, BJP MLA Abhay Patil argued that the transfer should be approved if it is within the boundaries of the law. The ruling BJP members in the corporation, along with Mayor Shobha Somanache, unanimously passed the resolution.

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