MLA Abhay Patil speaks on Belagavi district bifurcation

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I support the bifurcation of the Belagavi District; however, MLA Abhay Patil has stated that he will only agree if everyone is consulted regarding the division of the district.
Speaking to the media in Belagavi, he mentioned that there was strong opposition when he proposed the creation of three districts. Therefore, a decision needs to be made regarding the three districts.

The issue arises from the intense competition between Gokak and Bailahongal talukas for the district. Additionally, there have been discussions about adding Savadatti to Dharwad, Khanapur to Karwar, and Athani to Vijayapur. To address this, it is crucial to unite and gain the trust of everyone involved.


The creation of two taluks in Belagavi is a suitable decision as the city serves as the district center. It is important from an administrative and protocol standpoint. Therefore, I welcome the creation of two taluks. However, it would be more efficient if the entire area is included. If only half is done, the respective MLAs will have to travel to two taluks, resulting in double the work for the Tehsildars.

Hence, it is advisable to combine the North and South assembly constituencies to form one taluk. Belagavi Rural should also be added to create a single taluk. Let us prioritize administrative benefits without involving politics, Patil suggested.

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