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Jayant Tinaikar authors ‘The Stamp Paper Scam’

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By uday

Jayanth Tinaikar crusader against stamp paper kingpin Abdul Karim Telgi has authored his first book aptly named ‘The Stamp Paper Scam’.

Tinaikar and Telgi were born and brought up in Khanpur where Tinaikar was running a family-run hotel and Telgi was selling fruits on the footpaths of Khanpur and leading a hand-to-mouth existence. Telgi who had disappeared all of a sudden had returned after a few years and he aroused Tinaikar’s suspicion when he went on a buying spree immovable property at prices much higher than the market price. Once Tinaiker got a clue that something was drastically wrong he did not relax.

For seven long years starting from 1996, he knocked at the doors of all concerned officials and even wrote to the President but received no response. Undaunted, he continued his crusade and his efforts bore fruit when Telgi was arrested in 2001 in Ajmer, Rajasthan by the then Police Commissioner of Bangalore H T Sangliana acting on a tip-off given by Tinaikar. Though he faced death threats Tinaikar continued with his battle spending his own money and almost became bankrupt by the end of his crusade. In return, all he got was a reward of a paltry sum of Rs. 2000 from the government, for saving several hundred crores of revenue, which Tinaikar refused to accept.

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When truth becomes a perilous journey, and upholding it might cost you everything-even you and your family’s life – would you still stand firm? This narrative is not a work of fiction but chronicles the valiant journey of a real-life hero who dared to bring down the criminal empire of the infamous Abdul Karim Telgi.

Amidst looming threats and pervasive deceit, he remains unyielding, exposing those who thrive in secrecy and subterfuge. Amid encroaching dangers and engulfing lies, Jayant remained an immovable pillar, shedding light on those lurking in the shadows of deception. The reward – Upholding the pride of India and uncovering INR 30,000 Or scam.
Delve into this riveting account that not only exposes the malignancy of corruption eating into society’s fabric but also heralds the invincible power of truth and determination.

Jayant Mukund Tinaikar is a courageous social activist dedicated to exposing corruption within India’s government and society. Born in Khanapur, he gained nationwide recognition in 2001 for revealing a massive counterfeit stamp paper scandal, leading to the apprehension of hundreds and the confiscation of over Rs 4,000 crore in property. Despite facing threats and adversity, his unwavering determination and pursuit of justice stand as a testament to the power of individual action for positive change. As a fearless advocate for fairness, Jayant Mukund Tinaikar keeps motivating others to oppose corruption and wrongdoing. His ability to stay strong during tough times and his role in uncovering hidden scandals are great examples of how one person’s determination can bring good changes to society.

In the documentary on Discovery+ – Money Mafia, Very dramatically the whistleblower Jayant Tinaikar makes his entry and tells us how he was turned away from every police station because no one believed his story, how he wrote to the then President of India about the scam, and so on. I want to know three things that the documentary makers should have asked Tinaikar: how did he hear about the scam? If the forgeries were so good that no one could make out which was real and which was fake, how did Jayant Tinaikar know the stamp papers were fake? Which police officer did finally accept his ‘Khabar’ about the fake stamp papers?

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