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Forum against corruption in Belgaum

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Corruption in India has earned very notorious name internationally. It has almost become the way of life. Some want the corrupt methodology to continue forever. But most of the citizens want to end the corruption. Some brave persons have started to move in the direction by declaring agitation and by trying to convince the public on the ill effects of this evil.

We the people of Belgaum have also come forward to fight against corruption with the active participation and help of the public of this area. The members decided to provide and maintain a permanent institution to effectively create awareness amongst the suffering public and attract the youth to be the torch bearers in fighting the biggest stigma of corruption now rampant in our beloved land.corr

This is how the ‘Forum against corruption’ has come into existence. The forum is to be inaugurated on 2nd of July 2011 at 5.00 pm. in IMER Hall, Vadagaon road, Tilakawadi, Belgaum, at the auspicious hands of justice Rama Jois, former chief Justice of the high court.

The aims and objectives of the forum are as follows:

1. To create awareness in the public about the serious problem of corruption prevalent in our society and wage a war against it.

2. To motivate and encourage the youth to actively participate in the movement of the forum and there by enable them to face the challenges of the social evils.

3. To create a common platform to address public grievances with special reference to corruption

4. To build a corruption-free society in which the people may live with human dignity. we are aware that the black money has determined the lifeline of the country creating a tremendous impediment int the progress of the nation.

5. To support unearthing of black money and convert it into national wealth.

In the endeavor in achieving these objects, the forum shall also follow the path of non-violence and undertake to conduct themselves in a way to maintain the decorum of the forum apolitically.

The forum has been formed under the president ship of Mr. Suresh B.Hundre and a managing committee consisting of important and sincere persons of Belgaum. Shri Jinadatt desai, Shri U.M. Anigol, Shri S.M.Kulkarni and Dr.M.S. Sheshagiri have consented to be on the advisory panel of the forum.

Those who wish to contact the forum may dial to 9448160748 or 9448116198.


10 thoughts on “Forum against corruption in Belgaum”

  1. A very nice practical move & under the president ship of Mr. Hundre it will certainly achieve greater milestones. Generally the topic corruption is limited only for debate & very little is practically being done to curb the same but this initiative is a real one & will certainly make a difference. Wish you the very best.

  2. Alas! I am out of the city in the next week, but I want to be member of the Forum. Among the countries of the world, India is the no.1 corrupt democratic country and among the states of India Karnataka is the no 1 corrupt state and in Karnataka Belgaum is notorious. No wonder Govt. officials pay heavy bribes to get a posting to Belgaum. Best wishes to the function.

  3. I want to join this forum. I'm in the USA but my full support to this initiative. Brave move! Whenever I come back, I want to be closley associated with this forum.

  4. nice move really but since 3 days only 5 people seem to be interested.this shows how much we belgaumites are interested in a movement to stop corruption.

  5. sir i equesting all the ppls of belgaum n youths of belgaum we all will support anna hajare against for janalokpal bill….on 16 aug 2011 we will do hunger strike to support anna hajare for this purpose u take pemission n fix the place ….we all join wd u…n put on blog as soon as …..thank u…


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