Lokayukta raids excise DC over 9 lakhs seized


The state Lokayukta in a raid seized a sum of Rs.9.95 lakhs from Deputy commissioner of excise Mr.Somashekarappa from Hotel Eefa today.

The DC of Excise was a guest at the Hotel Eefa and when the driver was carrying a bag from his official car (KA 01- GA 567) to the hotel the Lokayukta raided and when the bag was opened Rs.9,95,100 were found in the bag along with some files.

When asked the DC said that the files were kept by him only but he was unaware of any bag and its contents.

The driver has been arrested and the bag and the car have been seized.



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  1. wow great after some time this chor will be realesed on bail maximum he will be suspended with half salary to enjoy his vacation then he will start his without investment business but this time this gaddar and his family will be more happy as he will double his percentage because he know nothing will happen even if he is caught red handed , this chor will be more powerfull yaar – great we shall salute to indian system, is there any lagam to this ,why dont they behead him, marching naked will not solve we want to clear this deadly viruses from whole india,comman man has lost the hope and tired of this issues.

  2. Y the hell driver caught, my question is that if driver having Rs.9,95,100 then he would have not work as driver, so that poor guy has to suffer anyways i m sure even driver is going to pay big time once he will our of bars……..cheers enjoy mate….

  3. this is why we need a strong lokpal bill for which Anna hazare is fighting, all these corrupt public servent loot public money, take bribe and get free by putting blame on poor driver.
    The Lokayukta should have caught this DC red handed in his room counting money and recorded it, that was the mistake done by Lokayukta, now this corrupt DC will be set free for lack of evidence and the poor driver will go to jail
    we should support Anna so that these corrupt officer is sent to hindalga jail.

  4. @ Francis Figueredo
    Very true said mate, Also to add they get half of their salary even when suspended, its like an long holidaying with perks, nothing will happen, the investigastion will end up with no solid proof or changed ones, the court will releases all charges and release the person with full respect and dignity.. And then as usual its back to business of (Loot Lo India)!

  5. We need to find his address…. We need to go and bash him…… Only then, other corrupt officials will be scared…
    Does anybody know..?

  6. His GF's(God father's) are there above, He will come out unscathed. The Lokayukta is toothless judiciary, and it has no powers to punish him. He will be suspended for some time, after that he will appear in a higher post, thanks to his G.F above. Remember how many top officials have been caught red handed by the Lokayukta, and remind me,has anyone been punished so far.



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