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From KLE Hospital to College Road NO PARKING

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New No Parking boards now adore the entire stretch from KLE hospital road up to Dharmveer Sambhaji Maharaj Chowk.

The only place where we found a parking board was after Hotel Pavan on Lingaraju college road for a stretch of less than 100 mtrs though.

Businessmen from Dr BR Ambedkar road are irked over this unilateral decision of the police, as they say, they will lose the entire business as even two-wheelers cant be parked.

Speaking to AAB, Raibagi a businessman said, if bikes/scooters also cant be parked who will come to the shops, and if they have to also how will they come?

There are many hospitals on this road how will the attendants see their patients who are admitted.

One can definitely understand some stretches on a road that are marked as NO parking zones near junctions etc which is logical.

But in this case, the entire road about 3 kms stretch is marked as a no-parking zone and such boards are put on both sides of the road, which means forget cars, even two-wheelers can’t be parked.

Citizens were amazed at this decision and most of them were found asking then where do we park? Where are the alternate arrangements for parking?

Prasad said, I have a patient at Jeevan Rekha hospital and now with no parking on the road, where do I park my bike and give the food to the patient.

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Now we may see the footpath being used for parking which is inevitable in this scenario.

When the police can make No parking zones it must also provide spaces for parking.

And making a 3 km stretch as a no parking zone seems to be a decision which will hurt the citizens a lot and the businesses.

Parking is considered to be one of the most indispensable components of the development plans of cities in India. But it seems that the road infrastructure today is unable to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for automobiles that keep clogging up most cities during rush hour.

The police say it is the job of the City corporation to provide Parking and we better not speak about the corporation here.
They could not get the multi-parking built for the last decade.

An appropriate parking facility has to be provided by the corporation. Public parking place is a basic need, hence providing basic amenities is the onus of officials before imposing the law.

0 thoughts on “From KLE Hospital to College Road NO PARKING”

  1. Agree with the Police Comment “Job of the City corporation”,,If we seriously think about this we realize the TRAFFIC POLICE is nowhere related to our concern of Parking.
    They have to maintain & control the Belgaum City’s Hectic traffic which is a big Headache for all.,.
    The City Corporation, PWD, City Planning Dept, so called Smart City…etc all such authorities to be questioned & don’t they realize Our City’s Pathetic Condition…
    They are busy in filling their Accounts..
    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”…..
    At the End it’s we PUBLIC whose Action matters to bring Change in the Society,,
    If we realize our responsibilities Sincerely and stop following Short Cut method of BRIBING the authorities, then this habit will definitely bring some change….
    Otherwise if we are in Habit of following Wrong Practices then no use of Shouting/Blaming Others…

    “The Beginning of CHANGE starts within ourselves First”

  2. Let them make it obligatory for shops (including drug stores), hotels and hospitals to arrange parking spaces proportional to their business/area of occupation or cancel their licences instead of victimising people who have to go about their work ..

  3. Please somebody tell these officials to create a sufficient parking space for four wheeles first, and then apply the rules for no parking. Also there must be boards placed beneath no parking boards, the directions where the official parking is, so that vehicles coming from out station will not face problems.

  4. parking on both the sides is easily possible if the road divider is removed. instead of broad footpaths and the so called cycle track people need the parking space which is of immense necessity. sence less smart city planning has led to this havoc. we have to face many more traffic problems be prepared citizens.

  5. Fully welcome the rule. No parking means no parking. Get drivers, wallets, use auto, walk, do whatever. No parking is no parking. The Belgaum roads are full of obstacles. Where to drive?

    • Hello, no parking means no ambulance, police van, police bikes, government vehicle are also not to be parked every government officials are also follow the same including ministers are they prepared of this law.

  6. No parking basically has be implemented where there is obstruction to the free movement of the vehicles. All along this stretch there is no such problem until the vehicles are parked inappropriately.
    So penalize the vehicles which are parked inappropriately.


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