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From Monday Vehicle movement other than emergency is not allowed- Industries marked essential can commute to work

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Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa on Friday evening announced a complete lockdown across the state to arrest the spread of Covid-19. The lockdown is imposed from 6 am on May 10, Monday, till 6 am on May 24.

Groceries shops, Meat shops, Fruits, vegetables, dairy shops and milk booths will open from 6 am to 10 am.
So many said what is the difference between the Current Lockdown or Close down and the new one to be imposed from Monday?

The most important Movement of persons and Private vehicle movement is not permitted at anytime unless for medical emergency.

This is the most important point of this new Lock down or Close down 2.0 if we may, can call it.

All those industries which are listed above as essential can work and staff of such industries only can commute as they have been permitted. (this is our logic, as they are essential and allowed staff should be allowed to commute)

No one else will be allowed to use many vehicles to commute anywhere.

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No vehicles will be allowed to be used by persons for Taking parcels/takeaway. The only movement by walk is allowed for this purpose. However, hotels, restaurants and eateries can use vehicles for home delivery.

During the 6- 10 AM essential shopping time as well, we feel the police might implement this rule, means one should shop near your home and go walking to the neighborhood shops and don’t rush in the main market.

The police as per sources have already confirmed strict implementation of this rule of no movement of vehicles unless for emergency medical purposes, which will include vaccination. But again it was made clear that one should go to the nearest PHC, so one does not have to travel far.

Movement of individuals strictly prohibited except as permitted below:

a. No movement of Public or Private buses or passenger vehicles except as permitted under these guidelines.

b. Inter-State and Intra-State movement of passenger vehicles, only in cases of emergencies or as permitted under these guidelines.

c. Intra-district movement of passenger vehicles and buses only in emergency cases and strictly adhering to the prevailing SOPs/guidelines issued by Department of Health and Family Welfare.

Movement of Officers/personnel traveling with valid ID card issued by their Organization/Institution to the place of work and back for permitted activities in these guidelines. Movement of Oficers/Staff of High Court of Karnataka, Officers/Staff of d. e. District Judiciary holding official ID Card are permitted even beyond office hours to attend official work at High Court, Home Office of Hon’ble Chief Justice/other Hon’ble Judges and respective oftices at the districts. Passenger vehicles including Airport Buses/Taxis/ Auto Rickshawsto f and fro from Railway stations and Airports are permitted. Movement will be allowed only on displaying valid travel documents/tickets. Autos and taxis (including cab aggregators) are permitted for travel related to emergency purpose

Patients and their attendants/persons requiring emergency need for movement shall be allowed to move. Movement for the purpose of vaccination and testing shall be permitted with minimal proof.

Home delivery of essential items shall be encouraged 24×7 to minimize movement of individuals outside their homes.

3 thoughts on “From Monday Vehicle movement other than emergency is not allowed- Industries marked essential can commute to work”

  1. People above 65 years of age, to buy vegetables & groceries should be allowed atleast a two wheeler, enabling him to visit 2 or 3 outlets in the vicinity and carry the load. Even 5 kg + is heavy for these people.
    The police have to be lenient with these people during prescribed hours.

    • People above 65 should rather stay home and let the groceries and vegetables be home delivered through known vendors in the vicinity. Why would one want to put them at risk, even if vaccinated???????

      It’s time to think differently and staying indoors rather than finding ways of being outside. City is bleeding, if you have not been tracking, district did not reach 6200+ active cases even last year. This is serious. Stay Indoors, stay safe. God Bless.


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