List of industrial activities considered as essential commodities- Lockdown 2.0

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The State Government has revised guidelines to break the chain of COVID 19 transmission in the State from 6 am on 10.05.2021 upto 6am of 24.05.2021 vide Order cited at reference above.

Even the industries/ industrial establishments are also to be closed during this period except for the following industries/industrial establishments (outside containment zone) subject to adhering to National Directives for COVID 19 management:

1. All manufacturing units of drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical oxygen, their packing material, raw material & intermediates.

2. All food processing & related industries.

3. Cold storage & warehousing services.

4. Manufacturing units of essential commodities.

5. Production units which require continuous process.

6. Industries/industrial establishments/production units (both Govt & Private) operating with In-situ staff/workers.

In this regard many industries/ establishments are approaching this office for list of essential commodities and requiring continuous operations, exempted by the Government for working during this period. This will help them to operate during the above period.


In view of the above, it is hereby confirmed that the following activities are considered as industries / industrial establishments of Essential Commodities and Continuous Process of Industries.

1. Activities of Essential Commodities:

[a] Manufacturing units of Bulk drugs, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Sanitation (Materials, Oxygen, Medical Devices, Medical textiles, their raw materials components and their intermediates viz.

i. IV sets

ii. Medical equipments like suction machines and pipes for oxygen supply

iii. PPE gear, iv. surgical equipments

v. Gauge and bandage cloth

vi. Research and Development

vii Ayurvedic/Homeopathic and other medicine manufacturing units.

viii. COV1D-19 kits and ventilators

ix Oxygen domestic gas cylinders

x Masks and body suits

xi Paper napkins xii Diapers/Sanitary napkins

xiii Liquid soaps, detergents, phenyl, floor cleaners, bleaching powder, sanitizers.

[b] Food Processing & related industries including food for poultry, pets and animal husbandry viz.,

I. Rice mills,

ii. Oil mills,

iii. Dal mills,

iv. Dairy products

v. RO and distilled water plants/ packaged drinking water

vi. Roller flour mills

vii. Food products like vermicelli, biscuits fruit juice/ pulpetc

viii. Bakery and confectioneries

ix. Fish feed, poultry feed, cattle feed etc

x. Ice plants xi. Agro based industries like chilli, turmeric, salt, spices etc

[c] Manufacturing units engaged in the production of agricultural inputs including fertilizers, agricultural machinery, agriculture implements and their components.

[d] Manufacturing units that supply components/equipment for aerospace and defence sector.

[e] Manufacturing units that produce packaging materials for all the above categories.

[f] Effluent treatment plants

[g] Activities of B to B Grocery and Essential Commodities

[h] Warehousing and logistics Activities of Ecommerce companies and agro and food processing industries.

2. Continuous process Industries:

a. Petroleum Refineries

b. Large Steel Plants (Including TMT Bar Manufacturers)

c. Large Cement Plants

d. Continuous Process Chemical Industries including paints

e. Sugar mills f. Fertilizers

g, Float Glass Plants

h. Large Foundries with Continuous Process

i. Tyre Manufacturing plants

j. Large Pulp and Paper Mills.

k. Automobile manufacturing units that have larger foundries, paint shops or other continuous processes.

l. Coal Tar Distillation unit m. Vertically integrated large Textile Units.

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  1. Even opticians should be allowed reason Spects and protecting glass for all is essential if you consider that is the best part which we all are facing problem

  2. Plz clarify whether souhard credit sahakari niymit can open during lockdown period to meet financial requirements of their customers…
    S V Terdal Manager Suresh Angadi Souhard Credit niymit Laxmi Complex SadashivNagar Belgagavi


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