Fuel prices hiked again


Prices of Petrol were increased again by 31 paise and Diesel by 18 paise.
The new price of unleaded petrol is Rs.70.96.
The price of petrol is cheaper in Maharashtra by about Rs.3.50. The difference between the diesel price is however only 68 paise.


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  1. Admins, why din't you post the prices of fuels in the state of Goa too which is cheaper than Maharashtra and nearer too ? Not fair!!! 🙂

    • Goa is always cheaper but going to Goa is not as close as going to Maharashtra. And we could not get the prices from Goa

  2. Whats the whole point in discussing and telling it anyways!!! Even if Diesel turns 100, or petrol turns 200, LPG Gas to 500 .. still whats the point? we do accept it anyways and move on even after complaining! isn't it? It won't change anything anyways ..

  3. The actual price of Petrol could be round about Rs 35/Ltr & the remaining we pay as tax to the central & state government for the luxury & inefficiency of ministers & the babus who are jamayis of the government

    Above all of this the additional pain of paying Rs 3.50 more than Maharashtra, another strong justification to join Belgaum with Maharashtra.


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