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Garbage contractors wont lift garbage from Thursday

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All the 10 Garbage contractors who are engaged in lifting the garbage from 48 of the 58 wards in the city will not lift the garbage from Thursday June 1 as they say they cannot work with the current remuneration paid to them.

About 300 tons of garbage is produced in the city and is transferred to the landfill site. But now the garbage contractors who is advance had written to the corporation that they will stop their work from June 1 if the remuneration is not hiked.

The corporation is now unprepared and if from tomorrow the garbage is not lifted it could create a hazardous situation as the rains have also started. This will also include the door to door collection.

The contracts of all the 10 contractors had expired but as no new contractor was ready to take up the work, the same contractors were awarded the contract again. But now that all the 10 contractors together have decided that they wont lift he garbage until the remuneration is hiked.

2 thoughts on “Garbage contractors wont lift garbage from Thursday”

  1. Despite paying taxes have to individually pay the garbage collectors. What is the government doing? And then all say there is poverty. There is so much work but people are unavailable become most people have become used to using the poverty tag to get free money from government and don’t think they have to actually work to earn a living. Maids hold owners ransom by taking holidays anytime , not coming at a regular time threatening to quit because they get free money. Maid’s daughter with the money she gets for education goes and buys a new phone and keeps failing her exams because she knows with the poverty tag she will continue to get benefits.


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