Garbage dump near Shetty Galli open well

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We recently had posted, Open Well Project a boon for water supply in Belagavi, in which there was also mention of the Shetty Galli well.

The well at Shetty Galli was constructed by the British in 1885. The well is perfectly rectangular in shape and the dimension of the well is exactly the same both at the top and the bottom (in mm).

But now the surroundings of the well are like a garbage dump. People urinate near the well and all the garbage is dumped in the vicinity.

Garbage dump near Shetty Galli open wellGarbage dump near Shetty Galli open wellThis, in particular, is a high yielding well on which a filter plant is also installed and was one of the first wells to be included in this open well project.

Earlier the entire surroundings of the well were well maintained as there were a wall and entry was restricted but during the road widening the said compound wall removed and after that, it has turned into a urinating spot at night and all the vegetable vendors dump the garbage there only.

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  1. Same people want smart city. If people dont understand their responsibility then how we can expect our own city become smart city.

  2. Shame on you Belgavis who urinate and throw garbage all over the city and surrounding area. Do good while God put you on this earth. DON’T BE AN ANIMAL HEADED.


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