Mother commits suicide along with son on railway track

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The incident has come to light on Wednesday morning that a mother and her 7-year-old committed suicide on the railway track near Gandhi Nagar, Belagavi.

Renuka Yelappa Gutguddi (35) and Laxman (7) were killed while Savita’s 12-year-old daughter managed to flee after hitting her on the mother’s hand.

The family is originally from Kargulpi in Hukkeri taluka. For a couple of years, husband, wife and their two children lived in the shed in Marutinagar area near Gandhinagar and made their living by selling vegetables. Neighbors say that there was a constant dispute between husband and wife. On Tuesday night, the fight got fierce.

rail-track-suicideLater in the night Renuka along with her 12-year-old girl Savita and seven-year-old Lakshman brought them near the railway track. The track from their living shade is only a hundred meters. 

Savita managed to hit her mother’s hand and fled away but mother and son came under the running train, the police said.

2 thoughts on “Mother commits suicide along with son on railway track”

  1. Human life and feelings are least concerned aspects nowadays.
    Struggle for survival with limited means of income leading to unemployment, disturbed families and stress. Its the extreme pain and poverty causing such suicides where a mother committing suicide with her kids.
    She prefers death to such a life.

    Who is responsible ?
    God or Government..

  2. Death is not only solutions for life
    Some people when they seeks for help people neglects them for helping that could be the reason where humanity is disappearing
    Society is only the reason they did this act
    I blame our society for this


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