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Gayi bhains paani mein – Salute the engineers

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With temperatures soaring higher than ever before this summer, a piece of advice most people get from their family and friends is to stay hydrated at all times.

While it is easy for most of us to carry a bottle of water, the local city engineers are sparing a thought for the ones who can’t.

Hundreds of stray animals, as well as birds, die due to the scorching heat and lack of access to clean drinking water.

But the city planners and engineers have taken care of this in Belagavi.

Look at this Animal tub near Globe circle Camp, where the pot hole cum tub is being fully utilized by the buffalo.

We often just shout out on social media but in actuality do nothing, but these city planners and engineers have proven their mettle that they care more than you.

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Courtesy Belgaum Social Network

A grand Salute to them!

Video courtesy: Belgaum Social Network

6 thoughts on “Gayi bhains paani mein – Salute the engineers”

  1. All government offices shall be closed and given to private players otherwise india will be sri lanka, even government office peon is corepati in India

  2. Thanks for highlighting the reality of public Works under our smart city corporation. But alas, they are thicker skinned than the animal in the picture.


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