5% rebate for payment of Property tax in April

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To encourage house-owners to pay their property tax early, the Belagavi city corporation has come out with an ‘early bird’ scheme. Citizens, who pay property tax for 2022-23 without any previous year arrears before April 30 of this year also will be given a rebate of 5 percent.

Payment can be done on Paytm or 

There has been no hike this time as well. The tax amount will be the same as in 2020-21.


How to pay Property tax online in Belagavi

Go to (Payment only by Credit/Debit/Internet Banking)

Click on Online Services

Enter the PID and click the search button to get Form 1 and then make a payment online.

If you don’t know your PID then use search by criteria i.e. your Ward No, Old Assessment No, New Assessment No, Owner name OR Mobile No. then Click the Search button you will get the property details

Click on the View link to see your complete property tax details

Please Download the Challan before Proceeding for Payment, as once payment is made Challan is not possible to be viewed again.

Click on Get Form-2 OR View Tax & Pay on next page to proceed with online payment

Please download OR print acknowledgment on successful property tax online payment 35 is the REBATE column and is auto Calculated

Paytm also one needs the PID number.

PS: There could be server issues as usual so be patient and hopefully

In case you don’t receive the payment receipt

Go to Step 1

Enter your PID again then Press view and check on the next page you will either see 2022-23 as paid and a Download link next to it on the extreme right click and download receipt, if this is not reflecting then mail to [email protected]  
You will get an email- we did get an email instantly plz check your spam folder as well

Screenshot from 2022 04 18 18 21 35

19 thoughts on “5% rebate for payment of Property tax in April”

  1. I did not get the receipt after paying the tax online successfully. Please let me know how can I get the receipt or whom should I contact to get the receipt.

  2. Hi,
    I made the property tax payment today using netbanking option. I have received SMS and email notification from the Bank on successful transaction however, I did not get any e-payment receipt from the page.

    I also tried to re login to check the status on tax payment and noted that although my bank transaction shows payment being made, the property tax site still showing Tax Pending.

    There is no email address provided at the website for getting these problems sorted nor there is option for re-printing the tax payment receipt.

    Is there any contact / email that we can use to follow-up on our case. Appreciate if someone can guide.


  3. Property Tax shows amount as ZERO for payment online. Is this for any adjustments for on time payments for the previous years?

    • very strange tax amount is same as last year until u u have paid more or else u will have to visit the corporation office to get clarification

  4. I don’t think so, I paid same amount as last year whereas I paid my last year property tax after April 2021, but this year it should be less 5% unfortunately ended up paying same amount as last year

  5. Was redirected to pay through, As soon as transaction was completed,the sight went off.Money was deducted from account, but receipt not generated, Property Tax status reflected Taxes not paid. How to retrieve the money,/ reverse transaction.


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