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Get out those helmets

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As per law, all two wheeler drivers in Municipal corporations limits of the state have to wear a helmet. The law is not strictly implemented in all the places, like Belagavi itself.helmet

But the state Govt is thinking of making this implementation more stricter from the new year.


The transport department is thinking in terms of making it mandatory for two-wheeler-riders to wear helmets while riding. The rule is proposed to be implemented from the first week of 2015. The department has sent a proposal to the government in this regard. In due course, it would be mandatory for pillion-riders also to wear helmet, according to the proposal. Come January, rule will come into force in all cities and rural areas as well which were earlier omitted from this rule.


3 thoughts on “Get out those helmets”

  1. This is a big marketing strategy.If the government is worried about every person, why doesn’t the govt. give an insurance policy of 10-15 lakhs to every person who is wearing a helmet, so that if he dies even whilst wearing a helmet, his family will have some monetary support.

  2. I appeal to the State Govt. to introduce compulsory charging by meters by autorickshaws all over the state more specifically in Belgaum. It is essential for good governance.


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