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Old videos images being shared as Tiger caught in Belagavi – All Fake

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WhatsApp, Facebook and social media is a buzz with Images and Videos mentioning that a tiger has been caught at VTU and then images mentioning tiger caught in Khanapur.

But all these images are misleading and have no connection with Belagavi.

Look at this footage, this was hared as Tiger in VTU CCTV footage.

But this is actual footage from Thane which occurred somewhere in Sept 2013.

Then another set of 3 images are making a round saying tier caught in Belagavi,

1st image- is of a tiger of a 10-year-old male tiger near Maya River at Gejalatti in Bhavanisagar range in January 2013.tiger-erode

2nd the Tiger with the Dart – Taken 25 April 2012

A tiger in India that ventured too close to human habitation and avoided capture for more than three months has finally been caught in the state of Uttar Pradesh, wildlife officials say.IMG_4458

3rd image of the tiger on the stick – taken on 10.07.2011 in IndonesiaIMG_4459

The forest rangers carry the dead endangered Sumatran tiger, found in APP akaasiaplantaasille set the trap., Riau, Indonesia

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  1. as now the situation is getting too scary and dangerous coz of the tiger fear..and the fear is not wrong as we saw the young pregnant lady is no more….I request you please arrange some best forest officer as soon as possible, as there shouldn’t be harmed to us and tiger too.


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