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Getting lucky with Gemology

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H.A. Motiwala
BELGAUM: Who doesn’t want to have a lucky stone in his finger? Perhaps, only few would respond negative. But, the gemstones have come a long way and since ancient times to the present modern days of science and technology, so much that it is one of the highest foreign exchange earner to many countries. Growing business in gemstones and jewellery industry have opened new vistas of job opportunities for the youth.

Representing fourth generation of the family of gemologists, Ratnashastri H.A. Motiwala from Nipani says, gems are integral part of not only Indian but cultures all over the world since time immemorial. Though gemology is a science, dealing with both natural and artificial stones considered as precious stones, it is the belief that has sustained this industry and trade.

Many would laugh out at the very thought, that a piece of mineral stone would change their fate. And even then there are people who are ready to spend millions to get lucky.
He has countrywide clientèle, including businessmen, top politicians some of whom are chief ministers, farmers, students and professionals. Since it is difficult to judge the purity or quality of a precious stone, the customers have little option but to believe the trader. However,an authentic trader selling genuine gemstones offers buy-back facility at the same cost, says Mr.Motiwala.

There are lot of job opportunities for youth in gemstone and jewellery industry, who could look beyond goat-race for engineering and medical or MBA. There are several aspects in jewellery making where each work is performed by a separately trained person. This industry is short of hands for cutting, polishing, diamond grading, jewellery designing, sales and allied activities.

There are good number of institutions in metros, which offer short-term spanning over few weeks to diploma courses after 10+2 and graduation in any discipline.
Belgaum is also a major destination for gold and jewelery with customers from Goa to Sindhudurg, the youth can look at this new avenue.


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