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Girl abducted from Deshmukh Road released one the same day

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The New Indian Express reports, the abduction of a girl from Deshmukh road Belagavi who was later released at Sankeshwar on the same day.

On October 23 a college girl was forced into a vehicle in the crowded Deshmukh Road of Tilakwadi, when a speeding Maruti van stopped suddenly and four persons stepped out, nabbing the girl walking on the road and pulling her into the van. They disappeared from the scene in a flash, leaving the onlookers shocked.  On Thursday evening a complaint regarding the same was registered.

Anuradha (name changed), a 19-year-old student, was returning home after attending college on October 23, when she was abducted. However, the kidnappers released her near Sankeshwar on the same day and she returned home safely in a KSRTC bus. 


Anuradha, a resident of Bhawani Nagar in Tilakwadi, walks to her college and back on a daily basis. According to police sources, on October 23, she was returning home via Deshmukh Road at about 4.15 pm when the vehicle stopped and four youths, with their faces covered with handkerchiefs, forced her into the vehicle. Before the crowd around realised what was happening, the vehicle disappeared from the scene.
The kidnappers later released Anuradha at Sankeshwar and fled away. The reason behind her abduction and immediate release is still not known. After returning home late in the evening, she discussed the incident with her parents.

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