Girl end life leaves Good bye message on Facebook


love dale belagavi

smitaGud bye frnds, no more…” this was the last status update made by Smita Alagodi on her Facebook profile before she hanged herself at her hostel.

Smita Alagodi (22) was a 5th semester student of BCA at Gogte College of Commerce. It is believed that she took this extreme step as she was caught copying in the exam. 

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  1. RIP.

    Only Boys can handle this well..!!! During our time so many boys caught while doing chit.. But No took this extreme step… all they said ” abe jhal ki be .. October madhe clear karu ya ghe.. chalte…” and directly went to Sural to enjoy..!!!!!”

    May God gives this kind of courage to all girls… !!!


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