Under pass at court should be operational in a week

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The pedestrian underpass at the court which links both the court complexes would be made open to the public in a week’s time. City Corporation commissioner Priyanaka Francis inspected the same today and she was positive that by next week it would be open to the public.
The work which began on March 18, 2013 is being completed before time of 9 months.

It must be noted that the work has progressed so much even when there were two elections MLA and Corporation during the same tenure.
Pedestrian Underpass near District Court across SH20 is being built at Estimated cost Rs.1,48,84,164/-

1. Estimated cost : Rs. 14884164.00

2. Contingencies 4% : Rs. 595366.56

3. Consultancy charges : Rs. 300000.00

TOTAL cost Rs. 1,57,79,530/-

The contract was awarded to G.Mastaniah, a Class-I contractor and the project will have to be completed in nine months.

The length of underpass would be 24 mts and the size of the vent 5.10mtsx2.90 mts. It would be provided with staircase ramp approach on both sides and fitted with electrification/lighting, drain and sump tank for draining rain water, stainless steel hand rails, roofing with corrugated Fibre Re-inforced Plastic  sheets over stairs and ramps, collapsible doors on either sides, ceramic tiles for the floor and Shiva gold granite tile for wall cladding.


2 thoughts on “Under pass at court should be operational in a week”

  1. The big question remains how many people would actually use it ? I think people will keep crossing the roads as usual, unless the road on top is completely barricaded.

  2. All works carried in Belgaum city are of substandard.
    Black list all local contractors.Award contract to outsiders like GMR ,IRB and PUN LLOYD.


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