GIT starts Smart Reading Zone

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The “Smart reading Zone” is an initiative aims to support the national agenda to transform India into an information and communications technology (ICT)-proficient and information-rich society and to increase the reading rates/habit particularly among the students, KLS Gogte Institute of Technology established “Smart Reading Zone” at Library and Information center, GIT Campus.

Shri U .N. Kalkundrikar, Chairman, Governing Council, GIT inaugurated the center. Dr.A.S. Deshpande, Principal, KLSGIT, Shri Arun Adrakatti, Librarian, GIT, Deans, HODs were Present.

E-Reading Zone consisting Kindles exploring more than 1.5 million e-books covers a wide spectrum of categories like Science, Engineering, Technology, Economics, Business, Commerce, Social Science, Literature etc… and also these kindles have books of almost all world-renowned authors.

Smart Reading

The Library is a constant state of changes – a successful library must be willing to grow according to its patrons need. The Library must be willing to adopt change and grow according to community needs & also at the times of evolution of new materials. In the current world of the digital era, the digital content is growing importance day by day. Today any library cannot keep all resources available in this world in the hard or physical format. The digital content helps us in solving this problem in many ways.

Now, as far as KLS GIT Library is concerned it is an academic library, catering the needs of students, faculties & research scholars studying or doing research in Science, Engineering and Technology. It has good print and electronic resources of academics and research. To meet the advanced requirements of patrons, GIT Library has planned to increase a digital collection in the financial year 2018-19. It was decided to set up smart E-Reading Zone with smart E-Readers. The E-Reading Zone at KLS GIT is special area created within the library premises fully dedicated to E-Readers with the necessary Infrastructure without any traditional Print format books.

Advantages of E-Reading Zone:

a. Save Physical Space and Money.

b. Customize Language.

c. Organized Library.

d. Never Lose a Book from E-Reader.

e. Read books in multiple languages.

f. Read other Subscribed E-Book.

g. Follow along with page numbers.

h. WebKit-enabled browser.

i. Read children’s books and comics.

J. Zero Maintenance.

h. Enhances reading habit in the younger generation.

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